Dear Families,

Spring is here! Our grounds are blooming under Julia’s green thumb and creative spirit. We have a new raised bed for a kitchen garden; everyone is excited to see things grow. Her creative bunches of beautiful peonies around the house brighten our day.

Chef Dennis has broken out the grill and we look forward to eating out as soon as the restrictions allow.

Marsha has initiated a sharing and caring group to allow all to verbalize how they are feeling in this moment; many then realize they are not alone in their feelings. Marsha also continues to schedule FaceTime and Zoom for residents at their request or family’s.We are very fortunate to report no positive covid-19 cases are in our building. This is directly related to the stringent adherence to the guidelines put forth by the Department of Public health through Governor Baker. Precautions such as no communal dining, masks worn by all, temps taken on all staff as they enter daily, social distancing and no residents off BH property must remain in place.

On a bright and positive note. Governor Baker has issued a memorandum that will allow outdoor visits with residents to occur with physical distancing, and protection requirements described below in detail:

  • Visit will occur in a designated outdoor visitation space
  • Only scheduled and confirmed visits are allowed
  • A staff member must remain with the resident at all times during the visit
  • Visitors are limited to no more than two individuals
  • Visitor must remain at least 6 feet away from resident at all times – no exchange of food, drinks or gifts allowed.
  • Staff and resident will wear surgical masks, visitors must wear face covering during the visit
  • Visit scheduled in advance and is weather dependent, sufficient staffing, and the health and well-being of the resident dependent.

Visits at Brookhouse will begin on June 9, 2020. They will be Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 1:00p-2:00p. Each visit is limited to 30 minutes. Please book your visit through Marsha, contact her at Marsha will get back to you with your confirmed visit date and time.

We appreciate everyone’s continued patience and cooperation as we keep your loved ones safe and healthy during these unprecedented times.

As the Governor stated today , the timing of when we can begin to return to “normalcy” is 100% dependent on how well we continue to adhere to the precautions. So far, I am very proud to say that Brookhouse has exceeded in all areas.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. Stay safe.


Judy Kane