The ongoing restrictions of the Covid 19 pandemic has limited some of the daily activities at the Brookhouse Home but this has not stopped the ladies from continuing their knitting.

The Brookhouse Home knitting group began last year and was inspired by Carol Gawrys, the Brookhouse Home Director of Nursing, who is an avid and talented knitter. She felt that starting a knitting group, a more labor-intensive activity, would appeal to those in the home who still loved to knit and they could do it together.

Knitting group gives back to the community

Brookhouse home knitter and resident Maria DiIsso

The Saturday knitting group began by knitting hats and scarves for a family service group in Maine. Under the direction of the activities director Marsha DiCesare, the knitters are now donating their items to Salem school children, along with other families in need. Although the knitters do not gather in the parlor as a group at this time, their work and the donations to the community have inspired all the staff and residents in our home.

“The Brookhouse knitting group is thriving, and our ladies are excited that they are able to do something to help others and give back to their community, especially during these difficult times,” said Brookhouse Home Administrator Judy Kane. “Although we are still in mid-summer, the knitting goes on and the warm knitted items will be ready to give when the weather turns cold.  

The Brookhouse Home has been a beacon of hope and comfort for senior women since 1861. We will get through this – together!