Chef Dennis Cox

Under the direction of our experienced Executive Chef, Dennis Cox, all meals are prepared on-site, nutritionally balanced and reflect the preferences and backgrounds of our residents. Throughout the year, Dennis works together with a registered dietician to build a structured, healthy menu with room for the creativity our residents desire. Dennis has so much enthusiasm and passion and is always seeking the input of our residents to incorporate the tastes of our current population. In addition to the 3 main meals, residents are provided a variety of fruits and healthy snacks throughout the day. The menu reflects both resident choices and the comfort foods that appeal to the senior generation. Often, Activities and Food Services combine to host any number of special occasions and events to be enjoyed by our residents. Holidays, annual sports events, or “just because” are all good reasons to get together and enjoy snacks and the company of friends. We have soup and dessert tastings, pizza days and birthday parties when staff and residents celebrate together!

Attentive Dining Staff

Brookhouse dining staff, many of whom have been here for years, pay close attention to the comfort and health of our residents. The care and compassion displayed to every resident makes them feel comfortable and they often get to know the staff very well and it truly feels like everyone is family.

Meals are served at one seating in our lovely dining room, in a warm and cozy setting. Flowers, linen tablecloths and comfortable seating with friends are all things our residents enjoy three times daily.

Seasonal décor is something else everyone loves, and the Brookhouse prides itself on changing colors for the season to uplift spirits and add a festive touch to every day.