Impeccably Maintained

Under the supervision of Julia Coffin, Building and Grounds Director, Brookhouse is maintained impeccably. Caring for a 200 year old historic property has been a job she has loved for over 10 years. Working with inspectors, Julia has insured that the home is safe and secure for our residents to enjoy. Long term and successful vendor relationships insure we are protected against plumbing, electrical, and other issues associated with a large home and it’s upkeep. Brookhouse has been the recipient of a number of grants which were used to restore our roof, chimneys and exterior brick.

Mature Perennial Gardens

Visitors to Brookhouse are always impressed with our mature perennial gardens and beautiful grounds, and the mansion that is Brookhouse has been painstakingly restored, inside and out, over time, and is the proud home of 36 elder women for over 155 years. On any given day, you will find Julia mowing the lawn, painting inside and out, fixing a bathroom faucet in any of our 13 bathrooms, or up on a ladder attending to windows. She is always available to the residents if they need a light bulb, to check their heat, or to help them move a piece of furniture – and always with a smile!

A Clean and Comfortable Home

Residents’ personal laundry is cared for by our staff. While we encourage our residents to maintain their skills in keeping their rooms tidy, our housekeeping staff is responsible for maintaining resident rooms and the common areas to ensure a clean and comfortable home.

Vegetables From our Garden

In keeping with a “garden to table” experience, Julia has recently built two vegetable garden beds, and we have been incorporating the fresh vegetables into our kitchen recipes. Chef Dennis loves to check the garden daily and pick out ripe veggies for that day’s meal.